Jennifer Lopez Reveals She’s ‘Totally Open’ To Perform At Super Bowl One Day — Watch

Jennifer Lopez isn’t opposed to headlining the Super Bowl Half-Time Show! Here’s what she had to say about the possibility of taking that stage.

Jennifer Lopez has never headlined the Super Bowl Half-Time Show, which is, quite frankly, a tragedy. Luckily, the 49-year-old singer would welcome the opportunity if it ever arrived (hint hint @ whoever decides these things).

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Dec. 13, Andy Cohen asked when she’s going to do it. “I don’t understand! After I saw you in Vegas, I couldn’t get it out of my head, and this year, I’m like, ‘Yeah. It’s this year,’” Andy said. “I feel like it will happen when it’s supposed to happen. I don’t really sweat stuff like that. It would be a great thing. I’m totally open for it and we’ll see. I don’t know,” Jennifer answered.

Jennifer was on the Bravo show with bestie Leah Remini to promote their new film, Second Act. But while Andy had Jen there, he had her answer some pressing fan questions about her personal life and relationship with Alex Rodriguez.

A viewer named Erica phoned in during one segment and asked the “Waiting For Tonight” hitmaker, “If A-Rod got down on one knee right now to propose would you say yes?” JLo’s eyes doubled in size with shock before she exclaimed, “that’s not your business,” adding, “I love you Erica but that’s something I would need to think about in my mind on my own and when it happens.” Fair enough!

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