Jeremy Clarkson mocks girlfriend Lisa Hogan as a ‘lightweight’ as she slips away to party

Jeremy Clarkson recalls ‘hilarious day’ on the farm

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has been with his girlfriend Lisa Hogan, 48, for around five years and they now run the farm shop at Diddly Squat together. The former Top Gear presenter has branded his girlfriend a “lightweight” after she slipped away from farm life to party in London.

City folk!

Jeremy Clarkson

The pair met in 2007, although the details of how they stumbled across each other have been kept private.

Following a three-month courtship, they made their first public appearance together at the GQ Men of the Year Awards the same year.

Lisa was previously married to multimillionaire Baron Steven Bentink, and is a former model and actress.

Speaking to the Times, Jeremy opened up about his girlfriend and her extravagant lifestyle.

He penned: “She grew up in castles and in ski resorts and in Claridge’s but she loves it.

“But you never know when she’ll hear the call of the wild.

“Yesterday I was literally combing the farm looking for her for hours and then I discovered she’d slipped away to attend a party in London.

“City folk! They’re such lightweights.”

Jeremy has however, previously told the paper how proud he is of how well Lisa has adjusted to country life.

He said: “I am so proud of Lisa. How she has gone from – how can I put this politely – a sedentary and rather luxurious life to find herself living on a farm where she didn’t know anyone…

“The ordering and keeping the place stocked – I don’t know how she does it. It’s a great little business.”

Jeremy has been married twice previously, first to Alex Hall in 1989, but their romance was short-lived.

In May 1993 he married his manager Frances Cain and the couple went on to have three children.

The pair unfortunately did not last and divorced in 2017, with his next known relationship being Lisa.

Since Jeremy’s show Clarkson’s Farm aired, his life in Oxfordshire has taken centre stage with his farm becoming a tourist destination in the area.

The popularity of Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime has led to queues for the Diddly Squat Farm Shop, with neighbours growing concerned after hundreds of enthusiastic fans started queuing outside his estate.

Now residents have stepped up the fight to block the TV presenter’s planning application for a cafe/restaurant, with a total of 40 formal objections lodged on West Oxfordshire District Council’s website and just six letters in support.

Because of this, Jeremy has been forced to change design plans for the expansion of his farm.

In response to the complaints, the architects in charge of the project, Courtingtons, have released amended designs in the hope of garnering support.

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