Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino and wife Lauren open up on miscarriage

Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino, famously known as The Situation, and his wife Lauren have opened up about suffering a ‘heart wrenching’ miscarriage.

The reality TV personality was released from prison earlier this year after serving eight months for tax fraud and he and Lauren claim they conceived a child on the night of his release.

But seven weeks into the pregnancy, the pair suffered a miscarriage.

Opening up about their loss on US chat show Good Morning America, Lauren explained, “The night he came home we actually conceived. And then at about six and half, seven weeks, I miscarried. It was heart wrenching.

“When I found out we were pregnant, I felt like this is why we went through all these challenges for years and that this was our time and it was our blessing.

“It was hard. It was really difficult. We share so much of our life and we’ve already shared so many negative things that we’ve gone through.”

Lauren went on to explain that by baring all about her own experience with losing an unborn child, she would help others get through the same situation.

“I didn’t want to hold this in,” she said.

“I wanted to share it for other people going through it and just be honest so I can kind of heal through the process.”

GMA host Sara Haines chipped in to offer support, saying, “I think what you’re doing is so important.

“Good things will come, but it helps to have someone say in your darkest time, don’t worry you’re not alone and somebody is hearing that today.”

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