Jocelyn Wildenstein Recalls Killing Lion, Eating Its Heart, Smearing Its Blood on Her Neck

The Swiss socialite dubbed the Bride of Wildenstein due to her extensive plastic surgery remembers her first date with former husband Alec while on safari in Africa.

AceShowbizJocelyn Wildenstein and Alec Wildenstein butchered a lion and ate its heart on their first date. The 82-year-old socialite – who was named the Bride of Wildenstein because of her extensive cosmetic surgery – first met her late ex-husband while she was on safari in Africa and he was staying at his family’s Ol Jogi ranch, north of Nairobi, and she’s recalled the unconventional beginnings of their romance, admitting the rituals after the killing gave them a “certain bond.”

“He prepared the ambush to kill this particular lion [which had been killing local antelope]. I love to wake up early… in Africa. But this was earlier than the sunrise,” she told the Times magazine.

Jocelyn explained the pair waited in the dark with a local tracker and continued, “And then suddenly, you see him – huge mane, one bullet. But you always put a second one in, to be sure.”

The mother-of-two explained she and Alec then cut out the lion’s heart to eat some before daubing the creature’s blood on their necks. She said of the rituals, “You must eat a part of the heart of your game. It’s legend. Maybe to take the power of the lion. It’s honouring the lion. It’s a respect of the lion. It became like a certain bond right away.”

“And later on, in the afternoon, he says, ‘Why don’t we go to make a ride on a motorcycle to go to ‘the top of the world?’ [It’s] a mountain on the ranch where you see the entire property. And you see Mount Kenya with its snow. And it was the first timid kiss.”

Less than a year later and five weeks after Alec proposed, the couple eloped to Africa and had their daughter Diane in August 1979, swiftly followed by son Alec Jr. in July 1980.

But the relationship turned sour 20 years later when Jocelyn – who is now engaged to Lloyd Klein – grew tired of Alec failing to be discreet about his extramarital affairs. She said, “It was getting too obvious. It was young girls and going to the same restaurants we went to. It was no discretion, nothing.”

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