Joe Alwyn FINALLY Opens Up About Dating Taylor Swift

There was a time when the idea of Taylor Swift stepping away from the spotlight in favor of a more pedestrian existence would have seemed absurd.

Following the release of her 1989 album, Swift was one of the most visible people on the planet, and the adoration from her legion of fans seemed to be mutual.

In those days, it seemed impossible to imagine Swift living a more low-profile existence.

Even if she had wanted to, the idea that the singer would be able to evade the prying eyes of the social media hordes seemed unfathomable.

But somehow, Taylor Swift has managed to execute the world’s most unlikely disappearing act in recent months.

In fact, Taylor’s love life — once a subject of rampant tabloid scrutiny — has been something of an enigma as of late.

We know that Taylor is dating Joe Alwyn, but prior to this week, neither party had spoken publicly about the relationship.

The London-based actor recently gave an interview with British Vogue in which he finally acknowledged that he’s dating Swift.

But if you were hoping for a slew of details about the ups and downs of life with Taylor, you may be sorely disappointed.

Alas, it seems Alwyn is just as keen as Swift on the idea of keeping their romance on the DL:

“I’m aware people want to know about that side of things,” Joe said when asked about Taylor.

“I think we have been successfully very private and that has now sunk in for people … but I really prefer to talk about work.”

Joe’s cryptic comments seem to confirm a longstanding rumor about the couple — namely, that he doesn’t want his private life to distract from his career.

Though he’s certainly not as a big a name as Taylor, Joe has been receiving a lot of attention for his film work in recent months.

While dating Taylor doesn’t seem to have harmed any of her ex’s careers, it makes sense that Joe would prefer to focus attention on his work and not his love life.

As for Taylor, she has ample reason to keep this relationship as private as possible.

After all, the opposite approach has backfired on her on numerous occasions.

So for now, Taylor and Joe are both attempting to keep this thing as quiet as possible.

That said, if they break up, you can be sure Taylor will be quick to deliver a few dozen scathing breakup ballads.

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