Julia Fox: Kanye is ‘the ultimate stunt queen,’ the ‘exposure was priceless’

The thing I appreciate about Julia Fox is that she’s not being cute about her motives, she’s not trying to play any of this like she doesn’t want to be famous, or like she hates the attention. She’s incredibly honest about it. Julia Fox is someone who wants to be a celebrity and she’s very happy that Kanye West gave her that platform. I think she’s only mad at Kanye for ending things with her – she could have pretended to be his girlfriend/muse for a lot longer. Months longer. She had a taste of the kind of heat and fame Kanye’s world entails and she wants every part of it. Thus, she gave an interview to the New York Times as part of her post-Kanye celebrity rebrand. Julia the Ex, Julia in Versace, Julia Goes To Milan Fashion Week. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

She’s unbothered about the criticism: “It’s not real. It’s only happening on the internet. I’m not actively engaging with it. I don’t feel it. I’m still 1,000 percent me. Nothing’s changed, except, I will say, having been around Kanye was like a crash course on how to be famous.”

She says she broke up with Kanye: “I tried my best to make it work. I already had a jam-packed life. How do I fit this really big personality into this already full life? It just wasn’t sustainable. I lost like 15 pounds in that month.”

Whether they faked the whole relationship: “I mean, there were definitely elements of it that were real.”

Whether she considered herself Kanye’s “girlfriend”: “It definitely felt like I was his girlfriend. But it also felt like I was being cast in the role of his girlfriend — and he was casting me. He was the orchestrator of it all. It really did feel like a movie.”

Whether she worries that Kanye will tell all about her: “I don’t think that he would want to open that door with me. If you come for me, I’m going to come for you. And I’m really good at coming for people. I just go straight for the jugular. I don’t think he would be dumb enough to do that.”

She’s grateful to Kanye: Ultimately she said she learned from Mr. West, whom she calls “the ultimate stunt queen…Look at the big picture. That was amazing for me. The exposure was priceless. But I do think eventually I’ll surpass the Kanye narrative. Believe it or not, Kanye’s not the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to me.”

[From The NY Times]

She also says that she didn’t sign an NDA and it wasn’t as if Kanye actually “auditioned” her to be his girlfriend. The vibe (which she doesn’t say specifically) is that they met in Miami and he immediately “cast” her as his new girlfriend. She doesn’t get specific about whether they had any intimacy, but I would say… probably not. And whatever, that’s fine. She never claimed that it was a completely real and authentic relationship or anything. She was just in it for the fame, drama, connections and free clothes. The only thing I think she’s lying about is the whole idea that she dumped Ye because she was so busy. Please. More like he stopped taking her calls.


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