June Shannon to Geno Doak: No More Tapping This Fine Booty For You!

As recently described in nauseating detail, June Shannon really wants Geno Doak to love her.

The reality star doesn’t seem to care that her long-time boyfriend has been sexting with another woman.

According to a clip from this week’s new episode of From Not to Hot, however, June Shannon does not want Geno Doak to make love to her.

In a sneak peek posted by In Touch Weekly today, Shannon is talking to her sister and explaining that her shop is closed for the moment when it comes to Doak.

By which we mean Shannon admits the two are NOT engaging in sexual intercourse.

Of any kind, it sounds like.

This takes June’s sister aback, leading her to allege that Doak is probably seeing another woman — and seemingly blaming June for the infidelity.

“If he aint getting it here, he’s getting it somewhere,” the sister says. “There’s always one somewhere, saddled up, ready to go.”

Impressively, June manages to both insult her own sibling and women everywhere with this comment.

Shannon, perhaps acknowleging rumors of Doak sending photos of his penis to another woman, simply responds that Geno is going through the “seven-year itch,” to which her relative replies:

“He’s scratching it somewhere else!!”

In a scathing report first published by The Blast last month, we learned that Doak found some woman on Instagram and slid into her direct messages.

The two chatted for a bit online before, as this woman tells it, Geno started harassing her with non-stop messages, sending her pictures of his private parts and saying he wished she was in bed with him… and not Shannon.

Who ever thought someone as responsible and moral as Geno Doak would do such a thing, right?

Those close to Shannon are presumably aware of Doak’s dishonest and horrible ways and have been pushing June to end the romance.

She refuses to do so, however.

At the conclusion of this new From Not to Hot clip, she even relents and appears to suggest that she and Doak have sex in the backseat of a car that her sister is driving (seriously, just look at the text over the photo below)…

… and he responds by saying he’s rather just f-ck her sister.

Seriously, this guy is such a keeper!

Back in March, Shannon was arrested for crack cocaine possession after she and Geno were caught having an intense argument in an Alabama gas station parking lot.

Doak allegedly threatened June’s life during this exchange and was arrested himself on a domestic violence charge.

A judge ordered Doak to stay away from Shannon, but they were spotted the very next day at a casino.

They’ve since been living in various hotel rooms together, as outlined below.

The truth is that these two probably deserve each other — but the truth is also that Shannon has kids and, for their sake, we really wish she would find someone who treated her better.

June Shannon: Living Out of Vile Hotel Rooms with Crazy BF Geno After Crack Arrest!?

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