Justin Bieber Kisses A Friend’s Baby At Late Night Dinner After Hailey Teases Their Family Plans

The ‘Peaches’ singer’s paternal instincts kicked in, while holding his friends’ newborn child after going out for a late meal.

Justin Bieber will definitely be a great dad someday! The 27-year-old singer sweetly carried his friends’ child after he and his wife Hailey Baldwin, 25, grabbed dinner with friends on Thursday February 17. Justin sweetly gave the baby a kiss on their head, shortly after his wife had opened up about their potential family plans in the coming years in a new interview earlier in February.

Justin sported a neon green t-shirt and jeans, as he sweetly kissed his buddy’s baby. The singer also rocked a white beanie, on his way out from Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills for the late night dinner. He and Hailey also hitched a ride with their pals, and they were seen sitting in the backseat of the van, and Hailey wore a Yankee cap, for their journey home.

Hailey opened up about how the couple may start trying for their first kid in a few years in a new interview with WSJ Magazine. While she said that the couple may try, she did say that 2022 would be too “hectic” for them to try now. “Definitely no kids this year,” she told WSJ. Despite not getting start in 2022, Hailey did say it could be a possibility soon. “I think ideally in the next couple of years we would try,” she said. “But there’s a reason they call it try, right? You don’t know how long that process is ever going to take.”

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While the model may want to wait, Justin has seemed eager to start a family as soon as possible. During his Justin Bieber: Our World documentary, which hit streaming services in October, the popstar had said that he was hoping for a baby sooner than later. “Make sure I put my family first. And, hopefully, we squish out a nugget,” he said, while speaking about his 2021 goals, but Hailey gave him a big maybe. While they may not be planning to have a little one of their own any time soon, Justin has shown off that when he does have kids, he’ll be a doting father, as he’s been with his friends’ kids.

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