Justin Bieber Leaves Weird Comment On JoJo Siwa’s Pic & Fans Are Confused

Did Justin Bieber just ignite a feud with a 15-year-old Internet star?! The singer left a strange comment on JoJo Siwa’s Instagram page, and fans are super confused. Luckily, he took to Twitter to explain.

Justin Bieber had fans shaking their heads after he left a bizarre comment on JoJo Siwa’s recent Instagram pic. It all started when JoJo shared a photo of the custom-decorated car she got for Christmas. West Coast Customs, the company that designed the car, re-posted the pic, and Justin weirdly commented on it…twice. He wrote the words “Burn it” on the company’s page, right underneath the photo of JoJo smiling next to the car.

The intention behind Justin’s comment was not initially clear. Was he actually trying to be shady…or was he just joking around?! Fans are definitely confused about the whole thing, and JoJo herself caught wind of the message. She wrote the words “Burn it” on Twitter and pinned it to the top of her account. Then, she retweeted the message “what y’all mad about today?” with the response, “Burn it.” Yikes — clearly JoJo isn’t too happy about Justin seemingly dissing her new whip.

It looks like JoJo’s mom isn’t thrilled about the seemingly shady comment, either, as she wrote back to Justin on Instagram, “Burn your own things.” ZING! However, some fans pointed out that the comment likely wasn’t meant to shade JoJo at all. “I hope y’all know when Justin said burn it…he meant to drive the car and drive fast,” someone explained. “He wasn’t dragging JoJo.”

Finally, Justin cleared the air. “I have nothing against you,” he tweeted at JoJo. “It was the car and the colors I didn’t like. I really hope you didn’t think it was malicious or mean-spirited.” Case closed!

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