Kate Beckinsale Gives Witty Response to Fan’s Question About Much-Younger ‘Date’: He’s My Son

AceShowbizKate Beckinsale joked around about her younger “date.” The actress took to Instagram on January 13 to share a picture of her enjoying an L.A. Lakers match. However, fans seem to be more curious about her companion rather than the game.

The photo saw her seating next to her younger friend and assistant Stephen Simbari during the game. The “Love & Friendship” actress wrote, “Everyone was pretty tense for the game but apparently I’m just here for the fashion and was enchanted by some particularly fire tube socks #lakers.”


Seeing her enjoying the game with a younger companion, a fan couldn’t help but feel curious about them. “Is the boy next to you your son or why do you hang arround with him?” the fan wrote in the comment section. Responding to the fan, Kate wittingly commented, “he is my son yes. I kept him in the cellar for 29 years but now I feel I should take him out on jaunts.”

Prior to this, Kate had also joked around with her fans on Instagram. Following rumors of her getting flirty with Pete Davidson at Golden Globes after-parties, a fan commented about it on her post featuring a photo of her mother, actress Jude Loe. “Dear heavens, Kate. Note Pete Davidson,” the fan wrote. In which Kate replied, “no that’s my mother . Easy mistake.”

Kate and Pete reportedly got cozy to each other during the Golden Globes after party. According to a source, the pair were hanging out outside on the smoking patio, talking for nearly an hour. “They were being very flirty together, they were sitting very close on the outside patio seating,” the source explained at the time. “Kate had her hand on his knee, and she kept laughing at all his jokes.”

A second source also supported this statement, saying that they were being “kind of romantic” as they hung out. “It was kind of romantic because as they were sipping champagne, it started to rain a little bit and you could tell Pete was putting his best foot fast forward as a gentleman,” the insider explained.

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