Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson made out at a Rangers game in NY

Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson first seemed to get together right after the Golden Globes. They met at a post-Globes party and hit it off, and possibly hooked up that night. Weeks later, Kate and Pete were photographed together leaving a comedy club, and Kate was shielding her face from the paparazzi flashes, or maybe she was hiding her face because she took her secret shamef–k out in public. In any case, we had some conversations about whether this was a good match, or whether Kate needs to STAHP.

She’s not stopping though. Pete and Kate stepped out in New York last night. They went to a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. They were photographed – happily, I might add – outside the Garden. Kate looked like she had a fresh blowout and she was particularly smiley. Pete looked like he always looks – a bit grumpy. But he did look like he recently bathed. I actually think he’s grooming a bit more for Kate? I still feel the same way about this match-up: they don’t make any sense, on any level. But… they’re going to keep on. They love that we’re all like “wtf???”

If you want to hork a little bit, you can see photos of Kate and Pete inside the Garden here. They’re making out for the cameras. With tongue. Ew.

— Mirror Celeb (@MirrorCeleb) March 4, 2019

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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