Kate Bradbury married: Is Kate Bradbury married?

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Kate Bradbury let Gardeners’ World viewers inside her garden as she showed how wildlife has taken over. While Kate is well known for her love of nature and wildlife on the show what is known the presenter’s love life?

Is Kate Bradbury married?

Not much is known of Kate’s life away from the show.

Kate has kept details of her personal life out of the spotlight and instead is seen to focus on her love for nature.

After featuring her Brighton garden on the show last week, some eagle-eyed viewers spotted an unexpected guest within Kate’s garden.

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Kate tweeted: “I don’t know who’s cat that was in my clip, but it comes in every day and eats my catmint #GardenersWorld #shoutyhalfhour”

Even the BBC Gardeners’ World Twitter thought Kate had welcomed a new addition to her garden.

The Gardeners’ World account tweeted: “We thought it was yours, Kate!”

Kate replied: “No! It’s very cute, though.”

In response to another tweet, Kate spoke of how she has acquired a new pet to her household.

Kate wrote: “Ha! I quite like my adoptive cat.”

Kate has previously opened up on her how she fell in love with gardening.

Talking on the NHBS blog site The Hoopoe, Kate spoke of how her love of nature started at a young age.

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The Gardeners’ World presenter said: “I grew up in a house with half an acre of garden out the back.

“I spend my early years out there, grubbing around in the soil looking for worms, watching the birds.

“I started gardening from a very young age, and the natural world has always been a part of that, for me.”

She went on to talk about why she feels so passionate about wildlife conservation.

Kate explained: “I love garden wildlife, but I’m also passionate about looking after it and can see the potential our gardens have for saving so many species.

“Wildlife gardening is all about the power of the individual.

“There are so many things going on in the world we might feel powerless to change, but simply by planting flowers and caterpillar foodplants we can make a difference for local wildlife species.”

Gardeners’ World continues tonight on BBC Two at 8pm.

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