Kay: The Sussexes’ popularity is ‘corrosive to the well-being of the monarchy’

Roya Nikkah and Camila Tominey weren’t the only ones getting openly briefed by Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace throughout the past week. Mail columnist Richard Kay has also been doing the most to present the unhinged mindset of the Windsors to Mail readers. It’s remarkable how BP and KP have leaked the same fundamentally flawed argument to every friendly royal reporter and royal columnist. That flawed argument: how dare Prince Harry tell people about how we’ve abused him and denigrated his wife. That’s it. That’s the sum total of the Windsors’ beef with Harry, that he’s dared to speak about how poorly he’s been treated and how poorly Meghan has been treated. Abusers thrive in silence, and the Windsors are abusive. From Kay’s latest Mail column:

Vanity: For a moment the squabbles over uniform seemed unworthy, the saga over insignia an irrelevance. In Westminster Abbey, which has borne witness to truly momentous chapters in Britain’s history, the vanity of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry was reduced to mere petty detail.

King Charles understands the Sussexes’ fame? But he understands, too, that the synthetic fame represented by California-based Prince Harry and Meghan, with their huge social media following, is corrosive to the long-term well-being of the monarchy. It seems to be built on a misplaced sense of victimhood. Charles’s hope is that, having been so much part of the spectacular events of the past week and a half, his son finally realises that the qualities of duty and service celebrated in the national outpouring of heartfelt affection for the Queen are the true measure of popularity. It may be a forlorn hope.

Charles is mad that Harry was deeply hurt by the removal of his ER insignia: Allowing it to be made known that having the Queen’s initials removed from his Army uniform when he stood vigil on Saturday night over his grandmother’s coffin has left him devastated, suggests that Harry has not learnt this lesson. It would seem he has still not grasped the consequences of quitting royal life. His decision to abandon it is why, at the funeral and other key events, he was not permitted to wear the military attire that means so much to him.

Phone calls to QEII: Harry yesterday was not just mourning the loss of a grandmother — she was also the figure to whom in his anguish he turned as his royal life unravelled. There is no doubt that grandson and monarch had a close bond. The Queen’s staff have told me how, in the early days of Harry’s exile in America, the Queen would excitedly take his phone calls. Over time this changed and she later became perplexed by Harry’s complaints.

Written out: For Harry the breathtaking events of the Queen’s obsequies can have left him in no doubt that unless he is prepared to accept the olive branch extended so generously by his father, he is in danger of being written out of the royal story. He must surely be reflecting, too, on how his brother William has offered reconciliation, standing or marching at his side for all the important events, from the lying-in-state to the funeral. He could so easily be restored to the heart of the family.

[From The Daily Mail]

The absolute pretzel logic of that insane insignia debacle. Harry was “allowed” to wear a uniform at the grandchildren’s vigil on Saturday night. Hours after the vigil, it was reported in the Murdoch press that Harry was upset because the “ER” insignia had been removed from the uniform, one more attempt to humiliate him. I have my doubts that Harry even leaked that information – I think it was William and Charles briefing against Harry to shame him and embarrass him. And Kay assumes that Harry leaked it and since Harry leaked it, Charles is mad because he was trying to humiliate his son quietly, with no leaks? These people are disgusting, my god.

Anyway, the more Charles and William brief against Harry, the more everyone realizes that the Sussexes are the whole show now. There have even been quiet admissions over the past week, that the monarchy needs Harry a lot more than he needs the monarchy. Also: “with their huge social media following, is corrosive to the long-term well-being of the monarchy.” The family is mad that social media users and mainstream international media are supportive of H&M. The family is mad that the Sussexes are popular and that H&M aren’t going to come crawling back. All of this sh-t that’s gone down over the past two weeks has been so poorly played by the Windsors because they made the fundamental miscalculation that Harry & Meghan need them. The Sussexes don’t need them. And the Windsors are losing their f–king minds about it.

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