Kelly Ripa Accidentally Grabs Andy Cohen’s Crotch On ‘Live’ & Their Reaction Is Priceless

Kelly Ripa had a very embarrassing mishap on Apr. 15 when she walked onto the set of ‘Live with Kelly & Ryan’ with guest co-host Andy Cohen and reached out to grab his hand from behind but got a handful of something else instead!

Andy Cohen, 50, got a bit of a surprise when he served as Kelly Ripa‘s guest co-host during the Apr. 15 episode of Live with Kelly & Ryan and she accidentally touched him below the waist! The 48-year-old blonde beauty was ahead of Andy, who was filling in for Ryan Seacrest, when walking out on the set of the show, and once they appeared to the crowd, she reached out behind her to grab his hand but instead grabbed his crotch! Andy was quick to guide her hand back in his after the mishap though, and all was saved, but it didn’t stop them from giving each other hilarious shocked faces.

Although the accidental groping wasn’t obvious to anyone watching, Kelly and Andy were sure to spill the beans to the audience once they sat down in their chairs. “I’m sorry! When we came out, I was not expecting the car to be there and I went to grab Andy’s hand, and I grabbed your crotch by accident,” Kelly said, referring to a car that was placed on the set right around the spot they walked out of. “I apologize. Nothing says Tax Day like that.” Andy took it all in good fun and joked, “I love to be touched and I’ll take it any way I can get it!”

Andy let his Instagram followers in on the mishap too when he took to his story to share a photo of the moment it happened. “Kelly reached around for my hand, but instead grabbed m’crotch!” he captioned the funny pic. In the snapshot, both Andy and Kelly have their mouths open with wide eyes as they realize what just happened.

Kelly and Andy’s funny moment was definitely one for the books. You truly never know what could happen on live TV!

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