Kellyanne Conway Says President Trump's Sick of America Coming Last

Kellyanne Conway is taking President Trump‘s feud with Democratic Congresswomen to a whole new level … angrily barking at reporters that POTUS is sick of the America we live in today.

Trump’s aide was talking to reporters Tuesday in DC about the President’s insistence that his tweets demanding Congresswomen, like Rep. Omar Ilhan and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, go back and fix the countries from which they came.

Conway responded to a reporter’s question by demanding to know the reporter’s ethnicity — then dropped some spin on him, claiming Trump was doing the same … simply referring to the Congresswomen’s ethnicities. But, then she got heated.

Conway sneered at the reporter and shouted, “A lot of us are sick and tired of this country, of America coming last! To people who swore an oath of office.”

While she might have stumbled through the sentence, her message was clear — Trump’s fed up, and thinks the Congresswomen aligning against him are un-American. 

Trump’s critics will say his tweets and Conway’s statement are obvious examples of dog whistling. If true, it’s the angriest dog whistle we’ve seen yet from the administration. 

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