Khloe Kardashian is somehow ‘still very upset’ at Tristan Thompson’s chronic infidelity

After Tristan Thompson finally admitted that he fathered a son with Maralee Nichols, in the same online breath, he apologized to Khloe Kardashian for cheating on her with Maralee when they were together last year. Tristan’s apologies have a hollow ring – in addition to Maralee, Tristan was reportedly screwing around on Khloe with a number of women in the early part of 2021. And probably the year before that, and the year before that. He just loves being unfaithful, and Khloe was fine with it for years too. She even harassed his side-chicks whenever she heard about them. Post-Jordyn Woods, I’m not sure anyone has much sympathy for Khloe. She really showed her ass when she bullied Jordyn, all because… Tristan kissed Jordyn. Still, Kris Jenner is doing the most to make Khloe sound brave, sympathetic and sad-sacky.

Sources now tell E! News how Khloe Kardashian really feels about the way things are unfolding with Tristan.

“She is still very upset and it’s been hard for her to accept this,” one insider shares. “After everything they have been through, he was still saying one thing and doing another. She knows she deserves so much better.”

The Kardashian-Jenners seem to be on the same page, with the source saying, “The family is relieved that it seems she is finally ready to move on and let go.”

As for what’s next with Tristan, she “will continue to coparent and follow the custody schedule they have for True,” the source says, “but that is it.”

A second source confirms Khloe is still “very disappointed and hurt by him” in light of recent events. Khloe is “relieved to be done” at this point, per the insider.

“Khloe is all about trust and loyalty,” the second source explained. “She feels disrespected. She’s ready to move on.”

[From E! News]

The “moving on” verb tenses keep changing, have you noticed that? Some sources say that she’s ready to move on, at some point in the future. Some sources say that she’s currently in the process of moving on, present tense. Other sources have said that she began moving on as soon as she learned about Maralee last month. The point is… Khloe did not move on after her breakup with Tristan last summer. My guess is that she was still seeing him on the DL and trying to reconcile with him and have a baby with him. Which leads me to believe that contrary to all of this reporting, Khloe and Tristan will probably give it another go.

Us Weekly says that Tristan is trying to “make everything right with Khloé. He wants to win her back, but she will never take him back romantically after learning about his cheating. This was the final straw.” LOL. How many final straws are there in this toxic haystack?

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