Khloe Kardashian Reaches 100 Million Followers, Bashes Social Media

Time, branding, and all of those hot thirst-trap Instagram pics have finally paid off for Khloe Kardashian.

Just days ago, she passed a major social media milestone, acquiring 100 million followers on Instagram.

She’s celebrating the achievement, but she’s also warning her followers that an obsession with social media will quash their chance at happiness.

“100 million followers!!!! Wow wow wow!!!” Khloe gushed in astonishment on her Instagram Stories.

“Thank you guys!!!!” she wroted to her legion of followers. “This is nuts!!”

Nuts though it may be, it was also cause for celebration.

In fact, Khloe received a gift from Popeyes to mark the occasion — in the form of a small feast of delicious chicken.

However, Khloe also shared a message — one of many — that seemed to be biting the hand that feeds her.

No, she didn’t shade Popeyes or support a certain homophobic rival restaurant chain. But she did seem to take aim at social media.

“Unpopular opinion: I think social media has completely destroyed our generations ability to be truly happy,” the message begins.

Notably, at age 35 and having been born in 1984, Khloe is a Millennial, though the saying may apply just as easy to Gen Z, who are age 20 and younger.

“We’re always seeing someone else who we think has it better than us,” the statement shared by Khloe claims.

The message concludes: “And it causes us to think that what we have isn’t good enough.”

That is certainly interesting. Arguably, much of her family’s brand involves having it better than their many followers.

Fans don’t just follow them for drama or thirst. Some like seeing how the mega-wealthy (and Rob) live.

Khloe has done more than just tout her own massive following, of course. 

On Tuesday, November 5, she wished her momager a very happy birthday. Kris Jenner is 64!

“Happy beautiful birthday mommy!! We are here to celebrate you daily!!! You make life perfect!” Khloe gushed.

She raved: “You make life happy and filled with love!”

“You excite me when it comes to Life!” Khloe praised her mom. “You remind me that life is a celebration!”

“You make me believe I could do anything at any time,” she added.

Khloe declared: “You are a Queen who has raised mini Queens and a young King.”

“That’s a super,” she concluded. Overall, a shorter post than her birthday tribute made just days earlier on November 3.

“It’s your birthday boo!! I pray everyone is singing Happy birthday @kendalljenner!!” Khloe’s post began.

“Kendall you are one of the most loyal rare gentle souls I’ve ever known!” she praised.

“Since the day that you were born,” Khloe observed. “You have made all of my days brighter!”

“I am so incredibly honored that I was chosen to be your sister but it’s an even bigger honor that we have chosen to be one another’s best friends,” she noted. 

“I am so lucky to have someone as selfless and loving as you by my side,” Khloe’s glowing tribute continued.

She affirmed: “I love you, I respect you, I value everything that you are. I pray today, that you are showered with love.”

“That every wish you’ve ever had comes true! I love you so much,” Khloe added.

“As lame as this sounds I feel like I love my siblings more and more every day,” she concluded. “Happy birthday Kenny!! We celebrate you always sister.”

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