Kim Kardashian Confirms Whether Kourtney Kardashian Has a Giant Chest Tattoo

Ever since Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got together, we’ve all been happily watching as the pair turned into our fave inseparable punk-Disney-duo, aka Kravis. So it makes sense that this far into the relationship, fans are now speculating as to whether Kourtney might have started getting Travis-related tattoos. And after Kim posted a picture which seemed to show a giant inking on Kourt’s chest, Kim took to Twitter to confirm whether we’re really seeing what we think we’re seeing.

The post, which Kim shared on Instagram, shows all five Kar-Jenner sisters posing together in age order, from Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé through to Kendall and Kylie. In the snap, fans spotted a little detailing on Kourtney’s chest which looks suspiciously like the edges of an intricate tattoo. Obviously, people quickly started commenting on the post, asking whether or not Kourtney has a secret chest tattoo.

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Does @kourtneykardash have a boob tattoo??” one fan wrote on Twitter, while another agreed saying, “I thought the exact same thing!!! And I would of [sic] bet money Travis picked it for her lol 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️.”

Eventually, Kim herself got involved, quote-tweeting the question with the response, “I don’t think so lol.”

I don’t think so lol

As you will obviously already spotted, that’s not exactly an out-and-out no. And while the picture appears to simply show a little bit of the lace from Kourtney’s bra, it does make you wonder if there are any secret Kravis-influenced tattoos we don’t yet know about…

Plus, what you’ll already have spotted from your extensive Kardashian knowledge is that the snap looks to have been taken at Tristan Thompson’s 30th birthday back in March last year—when Kourtney and Travis had only been together a few weeks. Although, given Kravis’s PDA record, we wouldn’t put couple tattoos past them, even after a few weeks.

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