Kim Kardashian Defends Kanye After He’s Slammed For Seemingly Telling Fans To Keep Listening To R. Kelly

Kim Kardashian came to Kanye West’s defense after he appeared to tell his Sunday service crowd that listening to R. Kelly’s music was acceptable.

Kanye West seemingly OKed listening to R. Kelly and Michael Jackson‘s music, but Kim Kardashian claims that his quotes were taken out of context. “They want art from the artist. But, anytime they do anything erratic, they just gonna pull up the full documentaries on him,” he told the attendees of his Sunday service. “And then, they gonna come with the Michael documentary. We can enjoy all their music all we want.” He added, “[L]et’s go ahead and take da Vinci out The Louvre. Let’s take down all the art.”

Needless to say, many fans believed he was saying that fans can still enjoy the music of R. Kelly after the documentary made about him. Taking to Twitter, Kim wrote, “I’m going to nip this in the bud right now. Kanye was speaking about his own experience of everyone quick to say they are cancelling him because of differences in opinion & not being perfect. The analogies were in context to his own experiences, not defending anyone else.”

She went on to clarify that Kanye is in no way defending R. Kelly in the wake of the documentary, Surviving R. Kelly. “I want to make it very clear, he is not condoning anyone’s actions or unacceptable disgusting behavior,” Kim went on to write. “My husband’s words are being taken out of context due to timing.” We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news about Kim and Kanye. Check out all of their photos together in our gallery above.

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