Kourtney Kardashian Finds Starving Her Fever Helps Her Fight COVID-19 for the Second Time

Having fully recovered from coronavirus for the second time, the former ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashian’ star shares with fans various tips she learned from her battle against the virus.

AceShowbizKourtney Kardashian is teaching others how to pull through when hit with COVID-19. Having fully recovered from the coronavirus for the second time recently, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” alum decided to share her tips in the fight against the virus that included starving the fever.

On Thursday, June 23, a post was shared on Kourtney’s lifestyle website POOSH, and it highlighted her advice in overcoming COVID. In it, it was explained that the 43-year-old reality star wanted to share the most helpful things she learned after she recovered for the second time. Among those, she stated, “I like to starve my fever like my grandma always taught me.”

In the same article, Kourtney also recommended “putting peppermint oil at the base of the skull for congestion.” The eldest of the Kardashian sisters explained, “It feels so good and tingly and gives the best relief.”

The POOSH founder further encouraged readers reach out to doctors if they feel ill. “Don’t be afraid to reach out to doctors you trust or have a relationship with – they’re usually happy to help,” she urged.

In addition, Kourtney pointed out the importance of being vocal. “It’s important to be vocal when you feel alone or scared,” the article went on sharing the advice from the wife of Travis Barker. “Have someone to check up on you, visit with you outside, or even bring you food and leave it at the door.”

POOSH went on to note that Kourtney took plenty of water and tea to stay hydrated, as well as supplemental vitamins and vitamin C. “Our CCO, Sarah Howard, also told us she advises all of her friends to take 3,000mg vitamin C, 3,000mg vitamin D, and 60mg zinc per day when they have COVID,” the article shared.

Advice aside, Kourtney also made use of the POOSH article to promote the use of a touchless thermometer she discovered at Kim Kardashian‘s house. “I used it for my day there, and then I didn’t feel complete without it at home,” she told the site.

“It doesn’t have to go in your ear or touch you and always seemed to be accurate for me … It felt really easy to check when you’re unable to move,” Kourtney said, adding that she loves that it vibrates instead of beeps when ready. “So if you’re taking a kids temperature, it won’t wake them up because it just vibrates.”

Along with the thermometer, “The Kardashians” star also promoted a face steamer and supplemental vitamins. She additionally gave a shout-out to uber-expensive grocery market Erewhorn for its Turmeric Crush shake.

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