Kylie Jenner Reveals Stormi, 11 Mos., ‘Loves’ To Eat Seaweed & Fans Are Confused

Kylie Jenner makes sure daughter Stormi Webster gets the tastiest baby food – seaweed! Read inside for what Kylie had to say about what she feeds Stormi!

Taking a break from her fancy promotional photo shoots on her Instagram feed, Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star Kylie Jenner, 21, shared a message on her Instagram Stories on Jan. 29 in a black sweatshirt and minimal makeup. Kylie talked about her upcoming Valentine’s Day launch for Kylie Cosmetics, mentioning its release date on Feb. 1. While Kylie shared details about the launch, she revealed some surprising info about one of Stormi’s favorite foods!

“I have been MIA because I’ve been a little sick, I know everyone and their mom is sick right now, so stay healthy out there and wash your hands,” the makeup mogul said, while Stormi Webster, Kylie and 26-year-old Travis Scott’s 11-month-old daughter, cried in the background. “Sorry, my baby loves seaweed and if she can’t have enough seaweed, she’s pissed.” It sounded like Stormi wasn’t getting enough seaweed, then, in that clip!

To each their own, and we’re definitely not judging – but we haven’t heard of many babies who eat seaweed! We guess with the family’s noted love for sushi restaurants like Nobu Malibu, Stormi needs something to easily eat herself! Fans reacted online about the surprising baby food. “OF COURSE Kylie Jenner’s baby loves seaweed,” Twitter user JulieVis said on Twitter. “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard about a baby. Her [palate] is already more developed than mine.”

Another fan noted that other moms may try feeding their babies seaweed as a result – almost everything Kylie does is trendy, even the food she feeds her daughter! “Breaking news: Kylie Jenner’s baby likes seaweed… everyone drop everything you’re doing [and] feed your kids seaweed,” User ImFunnSize_ said on Twitter.

Later, Kylie shared that her BFF, Jordyn Woods, 21, made Kylie a dinner of salmon, sweet potato, and asparagus! Yum! Kylie then said that they’d enjoy a movie together in the home theater. We hope Stormi got enough of her seaweed snack to keep her happy if she joined in on movie night with her mom!

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