Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Stormi, 11 Mos., Seen ‘Learning How To Walk’ — Watch Cute Video

Where has the time gone? Kylie Jenner’s baby girl Stormi is almost a year old and already she’s on the move. We’ve got the adorable video of her learning how to walk.

While Kylie Jenner was super secret about her pregnancy, she’s been very open in allowing fans to watch her daughter Stormi Webster grow up. The little girl is a week away from her first birthday on Feb. 1 and she’s already walking! Albeit with the help of her loving mom. Ky was doing a series of Instagram stories videos previewing her new Valentine’s Kylie Cosmetics products on Jan. 24 when she had to take a time out because Stormi needed her attention…and it was because she wanted to walk!

As the 21-year-old was showing off her new eye shadow and blush palettes, along with her three new Valentine’s Day lip kits, she took fans on the cutest of breaks. “Sorry guys we had a little intermission, my baby just woke up so I’m getting her ready for the day,” she explained while turning her phone downwards to show Stormi at her feet, standing up and walking! The little cutie could be seen waving and saying the word “hi” as Kylie asked her “Who are you saying hi to?” Hmmm…maybe her 125 million Instagram followers?

“C’mon. We’re learning how to walk now,” Kylie narrated as Stormi could be seen confidently walking around with a little assistance from her mom’s perfectly manicured hands for balance. Rather than the girly pink colors she often wears, Kylie had her dressed in a rocker outfit featuring a black t-shirt with skeletons on it. She paired it with black and red plaid pants and cute little tan kicks. Ky gave Stormi a sweet pat on the back for her mobility abilities.

Stormi girl learning how to walk

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Stormi’s already got talking down pat, as Kylie has showed off videos of how her daughter can say “hi,” bye” and “Dada.” The later happened when she tried to get her daughter to say “Kylie cosmetics” and instead she asked for daddy Travis Scott. Too cute!

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