Lana Condor Reveals How Deadly Class’s Saya Was Actually The Most Challenging Character For Her To Play

Lana Condor and her co-stars Benjamin Wadsworth and Mari­a Gabriela de Faria stop by the Young Hollywood Studio on Tuesday afternoon (January 15) in Los Angeles.

The three actors hyped up the television premiere of their new series, Deadly Class.

Lana also spoke to Collider about becoming Saya for the series.

“When I finally read the pilot script, I remember setting it down and thinking, ‘This is a character I would not get bored with. This is a character that I could, honest to God, see myself playing, if we’re so lucky, for years,’” Lana shared about her first impressions.

She adds that Saya is probably the “least expressive character I’ve ever played in my short career. That, for me, is the most challenging because I tend to be expressive and outgoing and bubbly and what you see is what you get.”

“That challenge for me with her being more deeply guarded and not emotional and very much internal, independent, lone wolf, doesn’t rely on anyone, that was really attractive to me. I felt like that was something I wanted to learn and to challenge myself to doing,” Lana says. “And it definitely challenged me, but I learned so much just from the first season how to keep things closer to my heart and to be a little bit more guarded.”

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