Lauren Goodger shows off half-stone weight loss and eye-popping cleavage

While most people spent December pigging out, Lauren Goodger spent it on a diet.

Which is why she can now wear the tightest leather pants available to man without so much as a straining seam.

Having recently revealed she dropped 6lbs in one week alone, Lozzer showed off her slimmed-down figure in the spray-on pants, whilst also giving fans an eye-full of cleavage.

Leaving little to the imagination, the busty reality star’s norks took centre stage in a plunging lace top as she joined friends for a Turkish meal at Lokkum Bar & Grill in Essex.

"Thank you for stunning meal and always making me feel like royalty," she captioned a shot of herself on Instagram, and fans couldn’t get enough.

"WoW you look amazing," raved one, while another gushed, "Killer curves love them."

"Ohoooo my god and so gorgeous baby," echoed another floored fan, while one said simply, "you look amazing."

It’s been a hard slog for Lauren though, who embarked on a bootcamp in Northumberland last month, where she was forced to endure 20 mile hikes.

"The heat and the water and the views took 6.5 hours without stopping for long …. physically and mentally rewarding!" she shared with fans following the arduous march.

And in October she dropped 6lbs by following a tea diet.

"So you all saw the AMAZING results I had with @skinnycoffeeclub last month, I lost 6 lbs in just SEVEN days it was insane!| It’s been the only diet product I’ve found that’s worked for me," she gushed alongside a picture of herself rocking a six pack.

And while she’s partial to the odd bit of help from the cosmedical surgeon, she insisted that these days she’s all about achieving results the natural way.

"My glutes of steel workout .. late night gym session last night! … you can’t build the body you want on a operating table. Yes, you can get help and tweaks of sculpting but training gives me the body I want to achieve," she previously revealed.

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