Lewis Capaldi dishes the dirt on his dating life and the advice Elton John gave

Lewis Capaldi admitted he has had a tough time finding love on the dating app tinder.

The singer, 23, also shared some of the best advice he has received from Elton John while they were hanging out on his yacht.

At tonights Q Awards, asked how Tinder was going, Lewis replied: "It's going.

"I'm swiping my fingers to the bone, and lo and behold, still a single man.

"A real indication of that is I brought my pal from school here, who works in recruitment. So there's no relationship."

Lewis partnered with Tinder after publicising his dating woes.

The potty-mouthed Scotsman also opened up about his time with Elton John and his family on his yacht.

"It ended up just me and him showing each other songs we liked on his iPad", said Lewis.

"Which is something I've done with my friends with the aux cable in the car, but every two minutes I'd look up and go 'Oh, you're f*****g Elton John…cool!

"It's crazy. But he was lovely, and he said if anything you ever ever want to talk about, or need advice, just give me a call.

"The whole thing was just brilliant.

He called Elton's family "lovely" and said his children were "the most polite children I've ever met in my life".

When asked if he took a souvenir from Elton's yacht such as loo roll, Lewis joked: "I should have done! I would have made a killing from that!"

Lewis also revealed that Elton recommended to him that next time he tours, he should perform a song with just him and the piano, because "people would like to see it".

Taking on this advice, Lewis is now learning the piano (but not from Elton).

"The thing is, I'm lazy as f***. If I didn't start playing guitar when I was nine I'd have gone 'f*** that, too many strings'.

"But I'm going give it a go and to try my best and think 'remember, Elton John said you should do this. Sir Elton.'"

Regarding his feud with Noel Gallagher, Lewis said it wasn't really as serious as people took it.

"I didn't sense any actual animosity from his side", he said.

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