Lions' Taylor Decker Says FedEx Lost His Newborn's Milk, Company Vows To Help

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FedEx is vowing to help Detroit Lions star Taylor Decker … after the star tackle accused the delivery giant of losing a delivery of breast milk meant for his newborn baby and initially refusing to make amends.

It started when 29-year-old Decker ripped FedEx on Friday … saying the company lost a big shipment of frozen milk for his 3-month-old baby girl, Daisy Faye Decker, and then refused to pay him back, infuriating the OT.

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“Shoutout FedEx for losing a perishable 24-hour shipment of a month supply of milk for my newborn, and responding that there is nothing they can do, and will not reimburse me. What a joke”, Taylor wrote on Twitter.

Well, the complaint was blasted out to Decker’s 114K followers, which seemed to get the attention of the folks at FedEx HQ … who told us they’re in contact with Decker and are trying to “resolve the issue.”

Decker says it’s not as easy as just running to the store and replacing the milk … it’s his wife’s breast milk that the couple froze and shipped to Arizona for the offseason.

Before taking to social media to air his grievances, Taylor says he drove across Phoenix to 4 different FedEx locations, trying to track down the milk.

Taylor was drafted with the 16th overall pick in 2016 … and has been a staple at tackle in Detroit. Decker’s baby Daisy was born on October 18, 2022.

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