Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Why Her Friendship With Kyle Richards Is Officially ‘Finished’ After Latest Drama

It’s over. That’s what Lisa Vanderpump is saying about her relationship with ‘RHOBH’ co-star Kyle Richards. And it’s all thanks to that Puppy Gate drama.

Lisa Vanderpump, 58, is calling time on her friendship with Kyle Richards, 50, for good. That’s what the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is saying in her latest blog post amid the show’s “Puppy Gate” drama. As fans of the Bravo show know, Season 9 kicked off on Feb. 12 with an explosive fight between Lisa, Kyle and Lisa’s husband Ken Todd, with the British former actress saying, “Get the f*** out of my house! I swear to you, I’m done with it.” And, in her March 6 blog post, Lisa seems to be sticking to her guns when it comes to her relationship with Kyle. “That is where the show started but is ultimately where our friendship finished,” she wrote.

Saying that her initial instincts to bow out of this season of RHOBH, Lisa wrote, “However, I hoped to make it through with close friends – but as we have seen, that was not to be. You saw Kyle come to my house and accuse me of lying.” She added, “Then, for me to put my hand to God and swear on my children’s life and still have my friend disbelieve me is unacceptable. I assure you, if any of my friends were as vociferous in their statement of innocence, holding up their children’s life…guess what? I would believe them.”

Lisa went on to detail her version of events when it comes to the Puppy Gate drama, which erupted after their RHOBH co-star Dorit Kemsley decided to give away the dog she adopted from The Vanderpump Dog Foundation after claiming the animal bit her child. That pet, “Lucy Apple Juicy,” ended up at a “shelter that had euthanasia facilities.,” according to Lisa. “It’s ironic and beggar’s belief that not once has anyone enquired after the welfare of the puppy – the beloved puppy,” the animal lover wrote. “How is she? Is she at the center? Well, she lived at the center and went home with one of our devoted employees for some time, and now she has found a loving home.”

But, what Lisa found hurtful is that her friends refused to believe that she did not reveal the drama. She alleged instead that her employee John Blizzard told RHOBH co-star Teddi Mellencamp in a “gossipy text.” She added, “John Blizzard has since expressed deep regret that he has perpetuated and engaged in salacious gossip which ignited a maelstrom of negativity. He is 23-years-old, though. Hopefully one lives and learns. I sent Dorit a text urging her to get in front this issue. I would have thought that would have included Dorit going down to the center and calming an already emotional young staff, reassuring them that her intentions, albeit careless, had no malintent.”

Then, touching on the accusation that she sticks up for Dorit, Lisa wrote, “Frankly, the synopsis is that I have always endeavored to protect Dorit and I was accused of it once more. But, I don’t give a damn at this point.” Throwing shade at Kyle she wrote, “It’s ironic that the same person who is rushing to Dorit’s side, telling her not to cry and that she was her friend, was also accusing me of protecting her at the center. It’s laughable, really.” Whether or not Kyle and Lisa’s relationship can be salvaged remains to be seen but, at this point the Brit seems to be firm in her conviction that she’s done with her former pal.

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