Loose Women’s Denise Welch angers Carol McGiffin by telling her to ‘cut’ alcohol intake

Loose Women viewers were left feeling awkward after Denise Welch told Carol McGiffin’s to cut her alcohol intake live on TV.

As the panel discussed how to avoid bad hangovers, Denise, 63, admitted she’s now teetotal, before she told Carol, 61, that she “worries” about how much she drinks.

Denise reflected on how "destructive" her relationship with alcohol had been, before admitting: “I haven’t touched it since, not even a sherry trifle. Yeah it can be done and you can turn your life around.”

She continued: “My relationship with drink was very destructive, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Whereas, Carol admitted that she “loves” wine and is grateful she doesn’t get “depressed” when drinking.

Carol began: “I hope I never get like that because I love wine. I literally love wine, I don’t really like soft drinks. That’s the truth.”

Denise responded: “But if you got as depressed and as down and destructive as me, you would stop.”

Carol agreed with her co-panellist: “I would.”

Before Denise cut her off and advised: “I think you should drink less.”

Carol added in a louder voice: “I know I drink too much.

“The government says you should only drink like 14 units a week, so it is more than that, but I don’t get hangovers and I don’t get depressed.”

Denise firmly replied: “It’s not just about hangovers but what’s worse is you have had breast cancer.

“I think that you should not drink as much, because you have had that. I worry about it from a health point of view.”

Carol pulled a face, before declaring: “You’ve got to take chances in life.”

Charlene White quickly interjected to break up the back and forth and said: “Take a breath ladies.”

But Carol continued and added: “I might take booze and get it again, just saying.”

Later in the show, Carol reassured viewers that she was only "social drinker" and didn't drink as much as Denise thought. Before she jokingly called Denise the "booze police."

The heated discussion left viewers wondering how appropriate the conversation about Carol’s drinking and health was for the show.

One viewer tweeted: “Is it really appropriate to essentially hold an intervention on live TV? #LooseWomen”.

As another added: “There’s a time and a place to preach to your friends about your concern for them but please @RealDeniseWelch not live on #loosewomen about how @McGiff should drink less because of her cancer, we saw how much care, but I did feel for her when you said what you did.”

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