Louis CK criticized non-binary teens & Parkland survivors in a leaked ‘comedy’ set

Just before Christmas, an old video went viral because I guess people still had some doubts about whether Louis CK should be canceled. You should have canceled him more than a year ago! But if you hadn’t canceled him already, I would hope that hearing him gleefully say the n-word in a roundtable discussion with Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais and Jerry Seinfeld would be the final straw. And out of that group, SEINFELD was the one who was uncomfortable with the n-word being tossed around by white comedians. You can see the video here.

Well, I guess *some* people still had questions about Louis CK’s cancellation. You know how Louis CK has been doing sudden, unannounced appearances at comedy clubs throughout 2018? Well, someone recorded a few minutes of one of his sets. It’s awful. He “punches down” on Parkland survivors and non-binary kids. This audio is NSFW and even beyond that, it’s horrible.

— Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) December 31, 2018

I mean… cancel him already. It feels good to simply stop giving a sh-t about trash people and their garbage words, thoughts and comebacks. It might hurt to realize that Louis CK was never some woke comedian or truth-teller, but hey, we’re all wrong about some things sometimes. Louis CK has been over for a while. Now we just need people to understand that and stop allowing him a opportunities to “come back.” Terrible white dudes don’t get endless opportunities to come back. Enough.

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