Love Island’s Molly Marsh fumes Zach ‘gives me the ick’ after Kady kiss move

Following her dramatic Love Island dumping Molly Marsh has appeared on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast, where she has opened up about how she feels after seeing Zachariah Noble, with whom she had coupled up with, move on so quickly.

Molly, 21, was dumped from the islands at the end of Friday night's episode when bombshell entry and two-time islander Kady McDermott chose to couple up with Zach.

And following the musical theatre performer's exit, Zach has been keen to get to know Kady, and even attempted to kiss her during Monday night's episode.

Discussing this with podcast hosts Sam Thompson and Indyiah Polack, Molly has shared her shock at Zach's actions since her departure.

She said: "I thought there was something special there, and maybe there still is, but to see him lean in for a kiss with someone two nights after I've been gone, it has given me the ick."

Molly added that while watching the episode she noticed that when Zach was talking to Kady, he was wearing still her bracelet, quipping that she would quite like it back now.

Previously speaking out about her time in the villa, social media sensation Molly has said that while she didn’t expect Kady to make the decision to couple up with Zach, she would have done the same, though it made her “heart drop”.

She said: “I knew it was clearly my time to go and if something good will come from me and Zach then it still will. If he finds something with Kady then that’s that."

After hearing the news that she’d be leaving the show, Molly added that part of her wanted Zach to leave with her, though explained that he’s on his own Love Island journey.

“I would have loved him to have come back with me and come home. But I understand he needs to stay and see what’s right and hopefully, we carry on at home when he does leave,” she said.

Despite Molly having jetted back to the UK, some viewers remain convinced that her Love Island journey isn't quite over yet and that she may re-enter the villa to confront Zach.

And while it’s uncommon for Islanders to return to the villa once they’ve been dumped, it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

In 2016, Malin Anderson returned to the show to confront Terry Walsh after he appeared to move on soon after her exit while on Love Island Australia Claudia Bonifazio returned to the villa to greet two new bombshells just moments after making her exit.

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