Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka shares 13kg weight loss after fitness overhaul

Sharon Gaffka has revealed she lost 13kg before entering the Love Island villa, after completely changing her attitudes to food and fitness.

Posting on Instagram, the reality star compared two photos of herself. The first was a snap from January 2020, where she weighed “the heaviest she’s ever been” at 75kg. The second showed her just before entering the villa, weighing 62kg.

“I lost loads of body fat and gained muscle, running 20 miles a week and weight training 4x a week,” she explained.

However, her weight loss was met with some messages from followers, concerned that her transformation was unhealthy.

In response, Sharon wrote: “I wasn’t saying my weight was unhealthy. Everybody’s body looks different at different weights. You need to take into consideration factors like race, height, and body composition.

“What I was saying is my lifestyle and mental health was unhealthy. I wasn’t eating properly, or regularly. I barely slept and I was going out and partying a lot!”

The Love Island star further explained that the aim of sharing her weight loss journey wasn’t to “be skinny or drop weight”. Instead, it was to demonstrate how she now follows a much healthier lifestyle.

“It took me well over a year to get to this point,” she wrote. “I am very open about my relationship with food and life. My weight fluctuates like hell! And that’s OK!

“My body is 100% normal at all stages! My stomach is never fully flat… when I sit down my tummy rolls and sticks out (as everyone’s does). My thighs hold majority of my weight. Sometimes they have cellulite, sometimes they don’t, but they always 100% jiggle.”

Sharon shared some of the changes she’s since made after seeking professional advice.

Her routine now includes eating six meals a day, sleeping and exercising regularly, while also increasing her water consumption to four litres a day, walking more and re-learning how to cook to rely less on convenience food.

For Sharon, it’s not just about looking better, but feeling better too.

“People forget that when your life is on social media that you’re not perfect and that you have feelings too!” she wrote. “I just have to remember that I am healthy, I look after myself, I don’t skip a meal.”

“My body has seen me through four half marathons, a global pandemic, spiking and a breast cancer scare. I know what my family history with certain illnesses is like.

“That was one of the main reasons for really trying with food and exercise.”

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