Mark Ruffalo Says He'd Be Honored to be Part of 'Parasite' TV Show

Mark Ruffalo is confirming a hot rumor on the heels of “Parasite” winning big at the Oscars — telling us he’d be honored to join the cast of an American TV version.

We got Mark Monday afternoon at LAX … shortly after news broke that he was being eyed by HBO to be the lead star of a “Parasite” limited TV series that’s in the works. You gotta see Mark’s reaction to the Collider report … ’cause the guy’s super amped.

It sounds like he’s all but assuring us of his involvement, but he doesn’t make the leap to say he’s officially on board. He definitely wanted us to know he likes the movie and loves the fact “Parasite” won the way it did … and wouldn’t say no if someone came asking.

That’s called playing it coy … in the biz.

Now, for those who might be rolling their eyes at this idea of taking a Korean flick and reshaping it for American audiences … settle down. The OG director, Bong Joon-ho, is reportedly still involved, working alongside fellow Oscar-winning director Adam McKay.

So, in other words … this thing has Joon-ho’s blessing, and just as importantly … he’ll be getting paid.

Ruffalo’s clearly down for one of those paychecks too!

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