Meghan Markle’s American Mentality Is a Challenge for Royal Aides

AceShowbiz -Being the first American to marry a member of British royal family is not easy for both Meghan Markle and the royal aides who are working for her. The wife of Prince Harry is said to be “frustrated” for not being able to freely do whatever she wants.

The expecting royal has yet to announce which patronages she will back as a member of the royal family, but it seems like she has a clear ambitions to advance education and empowerment for women and young girls around the world. To kick off her solo project, the Duchess of Sussex launched a cookbook to support a community kitchen.

Meghan is known for being enthusiastic in learning new things, but it is reported that her American mentality gets in her way to get along with veteran royal aides. They “might not be used to the ‘say-it-as-you-see-it’ American mentality,” a palace insider tells PEOPLE.

“The palace is a magical place, and it is also a place where all you hear is ‘no, no, no,’ ” another source in royal circles says of the confining rules that govern royal life.

Meanwhile, a source close to the family points out that “the most difficult job in the royal family is to work with Meghan’s ambitions and make them realizable.” The source went on saying of the former “Suits” actress, “She will get frustrated if she is told, ‘You can’t do this or can’t do that.’ “

Previously, it was said that Meghan’s strong work ethic was too formidable that it rubs Palace staff the wrong way. “It is said palace staff have never experienced anything remotely like Meghan’s formidable work ethic, matched only by the incessant stream of ideas about how to shape her role,” a source claimed.

According to the publication, the pregnant Duchess of Sussex would wake up at 5 A.M. every day before flooding the palace aides of her new ideas in around six or seven texts. The staff understand that Meghan is just being enthustiastic, but her “up and at ’em West Coast energy is an uncomfortable fit with the more formal ethos of some of the palace staff.”

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