Meghan Markle’s Best Friend, Jessica Mulroney, Takes on Instagram Trolls

Duchess Meghan’s close friend, Jessica Mulroney, doesn’t have time for people who criticize women’s style and clothing choices. Taking a stand for anyone who’s ever received an offensive message from a stranger, Mulroney shared a recent exchange she had on Instagram with a commenter.

Mulroney posted a screenshot of a message she received, in which a stranger criticized one of her outfits. The sender wrote, “Oh my god, lose the bell bottom pants. So over used in your wardrobe. Gets tiresome.” Mulroney replied, “Sorry. But I dress for myself. Not anyone else.” Frankly, her reply deserves a round of applause, as most of us have been on the receiving end of unwanted DMs.

The stylist and brand strategist also wrote an impassioned caption explaining why these messages need to stop. Read it in full below.

Can we all just live?

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