Miles Teller Named Defendant in Lawsuit Stemming From 2016 Car Crash

Miles Teller has been named in a new lawsuit filed by a woman involved in a car crash with the actor in 2016.

The “Whiplash” star blamed an Uber driver for the accident, in which his Chevrolet Bronco was turned on its side, but now he’s listed as a defendant in Ria Sommerfeld legal action.

Miles, Uber and another woman are being sued over the crash in Studio City, Los Angeles, according to The Blast.

Teller, whose future fiancee Keleigh Sperry was his passenger, clearly didn’t think he was to blame for the accident at the time, tweeting: “This woman’s irrational ignorant decision put our lives and her passengers in very real danger.”

It appears the plaintiff was a passenger in the Uber.

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