Model Liziane Gutierrez Wears Burka AND Bikini in Dubai

Liziane Gutierrez embodies the ol’ saying … find yourself a woman who can do both, because she’s showing a lot of fashion range while in Dubai. 

The Brazilian model’s heating up the sand in the shadow of Dubai’s famous Burj Al Arab hotel … in her own way, of course. Liziane opted for a burka on the beach, at one point, but ya had to know that wouldn’t last long. She eventually emerged in a tiny but colorful bikini. 

How’s that song about cakes by the ocean go? 

The lady gets around. You’ll recall, the last time we saw Liziane showing off her curves was back in the summer, down in her native Brazil where she busted out this little ensemble … and made sure her girlfriend had plenty of UV protection.

Ahh, the memories. Meanwhile, back here in the States — we hear Santa Monica’s nice this time of year.

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