Monsta X’s Wonho Rips Shirt Open During MAMA Awards Performance & Fans Freak — Watch

Ooh la la! Monsta X’s Wonho turned up the heat big time at the MAMA Awards when his shirt ripped open! Yes, his glorious abs were on full display. Watch now!

Holy abs, Wonho! Monsta X hit the stage at the MAMA Awards on Dec. 12 for one electric performance. During the performance, Wonho, 25, ripped his shirt off. Yes, really! Underneath his shirt were his amazing abs. He made sure everyone got a really good look. It was truly an iconic moment. Wonho is the definition of sexy.

Wonho immediately became a trending topic on Twitter, and rightfully so. “I. FELT. THAT. WONHO REALLY OWN THIS STAGE,” one fan tweeted. Another reposted the video of Wonho’s shirt-ripping and wrote, “I CANT BREATHE WONHO I CANT BREATHE.” Monsta X’s entire performance was HOT, HOT, HOT from start to finish. Seriously, these guys know how to put on a performance.

At the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Monsta X has been awarded the Style in Music award and the Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 award. The awards show is taking place from Dec. 10 until Dec. 14, so there’s still a couple more days to go!

Monsta X — which includes band members Wonho, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Jooheon, Kihyun, Shownu, and I.M. — made history as the first K-pop group to perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City for the 2018 Jingle Ball. The group performed an epic rendition of their hit “Shoot Out.” What a year this has been for the band! We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for Monsta X!

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