Nadia Sawalha ‘doesn’t care’ what people think of her sexy pics

Nadia Sawalha, 58, has taken a defiant stance against body shamers after becoming known for sharing some racy snaps on Instagram for the purpose of body positivity. The Loose Women star went on to claim that she plans to post sexy pics well into her 70s.

Nadia has explained that the opinions of trolls don’t matter to her, despite recently revealing that she has been suffering from “undiagnosed body dysmorphia” for most of her life.

The ITV star also said she wouldn’t describe herself as “body confident” and that her relationship with her body is still a “work in progress”.

“It all comes from my insecurities – when I look at someone as beautiful Kim Kardashian, I have that bit of envy,” she explained.

“Then out of that comes my humour at myself, I laugh at myself. It makes me step away from my own insecurities – in my 70s who knows how my insecurities will shift, but I will be doing the same thing, I just love it.

“I’m sure I get trolled, I never answer trolls, I just immediately block them,” she continued. “I never look on Twitter or anything like that, on Instagram I’ve got rid of anyone that’s really unpleasant.

“I’m sure if I read them it would be vile, but I really don’t care what unpleasant people think. I like to be challenged, but I’m not taking any kind of abuse,” she told the Sun.

Nadia has delighted her fans on Instagram with her sexy and sometimes comedic clips and pics.

The star can often be seen making fun of models and influencers like the Kardashians by recreating their fashion moments out of materials from her house.

During the interview, the star admitted that she would “cry because I was so dysmorphic” as a child.

She also discussed the pressures of working “in an industry where people are always slimmer than you” and the toll it can have on a person’s mental health.

However, Nadia went on to describe how she now feels “empowered” and that she wants to look back on this time with pride.

The Loose Women panelist has- also since teamed up with Symprove as an ambassador to help improve gut health.

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Last week, Nadia continued her tradition of parodying Kim Kardashian’s red carpet looks in a special Valentine’s Day post.

The star took to Instagram, where she could be seen fumbling around comedically with the ties on a semi-sheer black lingerie set with stockings and suspenders, leaving her fans in fits of giggles.

She quizzed fans jokily: “Did you get JUST what you’ve always wanted for Valentine’s too?”

Then she punctuated the short video clip with a tears of laughter emoji, as the ultra-seductive Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin song ‘Je T’aime Moi Non Plus’ rang out in the background.


Nadia’s husband Mark Adderley then joined in on the fun, demanding why her 521,000 followers got more of an eyeful than he had done.

“JESUS CHRIST – I heard your high heels clattering upstairs – I like the way INSTAGRAM gets to see you … but I don’t!!!!” he joked.

Nadia immediately hit back with a war cry of: “MARKKKKKK TAKE THAT DOWN!”, before threatening “a wet dishcloth in your face”.

As a result, the star’s fans and followers were left in tears of laughter over it all.

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