Ne-Yo Sparks Debate After Urging Women to ‘Stop Dancing’ to ‘Misogynistic’ Music

The ‘So Sick’ hitmaker’s comment receives mixed reactions as he says that women should stop dancing to ‘misogynistic’ records if they want men to stop calling them ‘b***hes.’

AceShowbizNe-Yo has sparked debate over his recent comments about misogynistic lyrics. The “Miss Independent” hitmaker’s remarks that urge women to “stop dancing” to “misogynistic” music if they want men to stop calling them “b***hes” received mixed reactions.

During an interview with “The Cruz Show” published on Wednesday, February 16, the “So Sick” crooner discussed the state of R&B and the misogynistic lyrics. “Mind you, I can only blame us men halfway for that because, as a woman, if a man sings the word ‘b***h’ to you and you smile at him, he’s probably going to do it again and again and again and again,” he opined.

“And the more misogynistic lyrics get, the more y’all accept it, the more that’s gonna happen. That’s just kinda what that is,” Ne-Yo, born Shaffer Chimere Smith, explained further. He then suggested, “So ladies, I’ll love y’all, but if y’all want men to stop calling you ‘b***hes,’ stop dancing to them records.”

In the comment section of “The Cruz Show” Instagram post, many unimpressed critics shared their thoughts. “Neyo needs to stay focused on his mess of a relationship and how he did his ex wife,” one social media user blasted him, referring to his split from Crystal Smith.

“Nope. He was dead wrong and doesn’t have the voice to speak for women for what we wanna dance to and anything else. How about we get a womens perspective for once when it comes to women issues,” another critic commented. A separate person said, “Society will always find a way to constantly blame women, never no accountability from men.”

Someone else slammed Ne-Yo for “placing the blame on women.” The said person wrote, “Men choosing to call them b***hes is a lack of accountability. A man chooses the words that come out of his mouth.”

Others, however, were defensive over the R&B star, with one saying, “It’s true tho…. If we allow it by singing along and dancing to the shit how can we ever expect it to stop/change?” Another opined, “Actually, I did. ‘Smoking Out the Window’ is an amazing track. But, I cringe at the B word. There are a lot of other ways to express the same thought.”

“Finally someone says it! Sadly women allow that treatment because it gets them to the next level or many other reasons. And also sadly it’s men raised by women that treat women that way,” an Instagram user agreed to Ne-Yo’s comments. A fourth defended the 42-year-old Grammy-winning artist, “He is not blaming women he said only for half of it. And he is right! Only the listeners have the power to change what is put into the music that is out there. If you stop buying it, paying for the concert tickets, & dancing to it in the clubs CHANGE WILL COME.”

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