Nelly to the rescue in bottle-throwing brawl on Dubai yacht

There was a dust-up in the desert last week when a fight broke out on a yacht full of rappers near Dubai that wound up with a number of party people being questioned by the police.

We hear a brawl broke out on one level of a party yacht — attended by guests including rappers Future and Akon — with one unfortunate guest getting a bottle right to the face.

A spy told us that rapper Nelly sprang into action.

“When Nelly heard the commotion, he went running in to help the person who was hit in the nose,” said a spy.

We hear the “Country Grammar” hit-maker and others were questioned by local police about the fight, but hero Nelly was in the clear.

The region was filled with big stars for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Nov. 25. Post Malone, The Weeknd, French Montana, Tyga, Craig David, Guns N’ Roses and Sam Smith all performed concerts surrounding the race, which was won by Lewis Hamilton.

We reported that The Weeknd’s show had to be cut short when rowdy fans stormed the gates at a local arena.

Said a source, “The show had to stop early because it was so dangerous.”

Either way, stars spotted enjoying the festivities for the race included Bella Hadid, Will Smith, Dave Chappelle and Geri Halliwell.

Reps did not get back to us about the alleged yacht incident.

Back in 2015, Future’s DJ, Esco, was arrested during the Grand Prix after being caught with marijuana at the airport. He spent 56 days in jail. “There’s no rights,” he told the Fader of his harrowing experience.

“When they arrest you, they don’t have to say, ‘You have a right to this’ . . . There’s no judge, no jury. They assign you to a prosecutor, and the prosecutor can just do what he wants with you. They don’t have to tell you anything. They don’t even have to explain what the charge is.” At the airport after he was freed, he said, he bought headphones, ice cream and cookies, “and I was like, ‘I can’t believe this. Like, what just happened?’”

The experience inspired Future’s album “56 Nights.”

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