NeNe Leakes Calls Husband Gregg ‘Mean, Grouchy, Evil’ As He Battles Cancer

NeNe slammed her husband Gregg on social media amid his battle with cancer.

NeNe Leakes didn’t exactly have the nicest things to say about her husband Gregg Leakes on social media this week as he continues to battle cancer. Per Entertainment Tonight, the actress and Real Housewives of Atlanta star actually very publicly slammed her husband of five years after Gregg took to Instagram to a post a message about forgiveness.

The post, which appeared to be a screenshot of a text he received from a friend, spoke about getting a second chance and advised to “love the people who love you right” and to also “forgive quickly.” He then posted it with the caption, “To All my Men… Happy Brothers Day… Thx for touching my life…”

But while the post was all about forgiveness, a screenshot obtained by the Shade Room appeared to suggest that NeNe wasn’t in a very forgiving mood.

Commenting on the upload on her husband’s account, which has since been deleted, Leakes left a pretty scathing rant about her man, in part calling him “evil.”

NeNe wrote, “Well u need to do everything you posted! Practice what you preach.”

She then posted another comment on the upload, adding in addition to her first comment, “You need to pray for yourself! This mean, grouchy, evil stuff u pulling these days are NOT cool.”

ET reports that the star also hit back at some fans in the comments section who slammed her for her remarks about her husband.

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Oh nooo, looks like #Nene & #GreggLeakes are going through it. Hopefully they can resolve it! (SWIPE)

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“Gregg has done so much s**t! It didn’t just start!” she hit back at one fan, telling them to “shut up” while also clarifying that Gregg isn’t on bed rest and doesn’t need daily help as they claimed.

Leakes then continued her rant on Twitter in a pretty scathing tweet seemingly aimed at her man.

Writing on November 29, she tweeted, “I would just think if i have or had cancer, i would see life so differently! Not being mean, grouchy and evil for no real reason! But that’s me. Pray for me.”

She then appeared to hint that she’d potentially taken the brunt of Leakes’ frustrations as he battles cancer after a fan tweeted her that the best thing she can do to try and get through the difficult period would be to “just breathe.”

NeNe responded, “Naw don’t think i can do it.”

As reported by Bravo TV earlier this year, Gregg announced back in July that he is battling cancer.

NeNe has since been very vocal about her husband’s illness both on social media and in interviews ever since he opted to go public.

In a post on Instagram in October, the former The New Normal actress shared, per Bravo TV, that cancer has “changed my life in so many ways.”

NeNe then added that her husband’s diagnosis had changed her as a person, also telling her followers that her marriage to husband Gregg has “changed tremendously” since he started his battle with the disease.

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