NHL Ref Stretchered Off Ice After Scary Collision With Player

Terrifying scene on the NHL ice Tuesday … a referee needed to be taken away on a stretcher after he was hit in the head in an accidental collision with a player.

The scary moment all went down just before the Kings vs. Coyotes preseason game in L.A. … when Arizona center Liam O’Brien ran into linesman Ryan Gibbons.

Video of the play showed O’Brien’s shoulder went right into Gibbons’ jaw … causing the ref to immediately crumple to the ice in pain.

Gibbons stayed down motionless for several moments … before trainers and medical personnel were able to get him on a stretcher and off to a nearby hospital.

According to The Athletic, Gibbons suffered a concussion … but was, thankfully, discharged from the medical facility later in the evening.

It’s unclear how long Gibbons — who’s been reffing games in the NHL since 2015 — will be sidelined with the injury.

As for the game, it went on as scheduled despite the pregame scene … with the Coyotes winning, 4-1.

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