Nicki Minaj Sets Record Straight After Megan Thee Stallion Denies Shocking Claims From Barbz

In the latest episode of Queen Radio, the ‘Super Bass’ hitmaker reveals that a female raptress told her to ‘go to the clinic’ after she refused to drink alcohol as she’s trying to have a baby.

AceShowbizNicki Minaj is trying to clear out the air. The “Super Bass” hitmaker has set the record straight after Megan Thee Stallion denies she’s the one who Nicki talked about in the latest episode of Queen Radio.

In the Sunday, September 11 episode of the radio show, Nicki reveals that someone told her to “go to the clinic” after she refused to drink alcohol while she was trying to have a baby. Soon after the episode was aired, Barbz quickly interpreted this as being about Megan and flooded her Twitter mention tab.

“@theestallion Nicki Minaj is accusing you of encouraging abortion & child endangerment w/ alcohol.. This isn’t something to stay quiet on,” one person mentioned Megan on Twitter. In response, the “Traumazine” star simply debunked the claims as saying, “LIE.”

A few minutes later, another Twitter user replied to Megan’s defense, tweeting, “No names were mentioned but u were first to respond? Oh baby the shoe fits.” Justifying her response, the “Savage” femcee said, “So this person didn’t mention me?” She continued in a following tweet, “If someone @ you you can respond right or that don’t apply for every user on twitter? If someone directly @ my name …why do they be confused when I reply lol? This person … as in the person who pressed the @ button… y’all not this crazy lol.”

Shortly afterwards, Nicki hopped on Twitter, writing, “Retweeting [clown]s on my timeline aint a good idea tonight,” seemingly hinting that she noticed Megan’s response.

The Female Rap Game Twitter account then posted, “One of the main points I’m hearing from Nicki Minaj Queen Radio Tea Party is that she’s not upset about all these female rappers hating on her. She’s upset that they went out of their way to try to stop the OTHER female rappers on #QueenMix from having a happy ICONIC moment.” In response, Nicki quote-retweeted the post, “Correct. I made that very clear. But that won’t be posted anywhere.”

A few moments later, Akbar V joined the drama. Turning to Twitter, Akbar made it clear that “if u a opp of @NICKIMINAJ or foxy brown” then “u are a opp of mine.” She stressed, “I’m done being cordial!!!!!!!!!!!,” before explaining, “don’t care too much bout any of y’all anyway…i know y’all don’t really like me … And I’m ok with that just please stop pretending!!!!!!”

In a following post, Nicki reposted her “Super Freaky Girl” collaborator’s rap video, in which the latter slammed their haters. “I know these btchs goin dutchy u could never check me. Yikes,” Nicki wrote. In a follow-up post, Nicki added, “Yo I rlly fkng love y’all. Yo y’all got me cryin laughin real tears yooooooooooo.”

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