Nicki Minaj’s Concert Cancelled At The Last Minute & Pissed Fans Start Chanting ‘Cardi B’

Well, that’s not good. Nicki Minaj was forced to cancel her concert in France on March 9, just 3 hours before it was scheduled to begin. After her fans showed up to the venue and heard the news, they started to chant for Cardi B! Watch Nicki’s apology video…

The Barbz are angry. Nicki Minaj, 36, is working on mending her relationship with fans after she canceled a concert just three hours before she was supposed to take the stage in France on March 9. In an apology video she posted to Instagram March 10, Nicki claimed the cancellation was out of her control, due to technical issues from the show’s venue.

“You guys, it’s not in my best interest not perform and lose money and aggravate my fans,” Nicki explained in the video, where she showed off her new, long hair with green highlights. “I love performing for my fans. I’m more excited than you are before the show. These two cities that had technical issues were cities that I had never been before and we tried to add them but they just didn’t have the power in the building to facilitate my show. And they didn’t tell us that until three hours before the show … we did sound check, they said it was fine.”

“But anyway, every artist has technical difficulties and has to cancel shows,” she added. “I wanna tell you guys that I love you dearly and I really hope to make it up very soon.” Take a look at her apology below, along with a fan video from the moment concert-goers were forced to leave the France venue. At the end of the video, fans can be heard screaming for her rival, Cardi B. And, that couldn’t have sat well with Nicki, as you may recall her physical scuffle with Cardi during a New York Fashion Week party last September.

In a video online, Nicki was greeted by cheering fans as she arrived back at her hotel later that night, following the cancellation of her show. She shouted an apology to fans, as seen in the video, before she headed to a carnival with boyfriend, Kenneth Petty. Nicki shared a video on Instagram of her beau participating in a game at the carnival.

Nicki’s March 9 show marked the second concert she’s cancelled in the past two months. The rapper pulled the plug on her February 22 show date Bratislava, Slovakia. She later apologized for the cancellation and cited technical difficulties as the reason the show didn’t go on.

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