Nicolas Cage and GF Enjoy Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride in Central Park

Nicolas Cage looked a bit outta place in NYC wearing a cowboy hat and boots. No, he wasn’t shooting a modern western … he was on a date.

Nic and his 26-year-old GF, Riko Shibata, enjoyed a horse-drawn carriage ride Wednesday in Central Park. The couple left the Italian joint Cipriani on 5th Avenue before embarking on their tour of the park. After, they hit up a bar for several hours enjoying some drinks.

It looked like a romantic date, and also pretty cliche. The hansom cab is one of those things every NYC tourist’s bucket list. Still, the couple really did appear to enjoy the scenery.

The same cannot be said of their driver who seemed to be intensely glued to his phone. Y’know what they say … those horses practically drive themselves. Take that Tesla!!!

Anyway, Nic and Riko — who’s 30 years younger than him — have been spotted around the city quite a bit. A few days ago they hit up the American Museum of Natural History and then enjoyed dinner and a movie. Turns out Nic’s kind of a traditionalist … on dates, anyway.

They’ve reportedly been together for a couple months. Keep an eye out for them doing one of those Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tours.

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