Nyle DiMarco Says Delta Offered Him A Wheelchair Because He's Deaf

Nyle Dimarco, a stalwart and articulate advocate for the deaf community, was on a Delta flight and was surprised to find a gate employee waiting for him a wheelchair. Nyle is a perfectly bodied man, I mean perfectly able-bodied man who never seems to skip leg day at the gym. I know this because fairly recently (I’d say sometime around when Nyle won Cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model) I have found myself spending a portion of my busy day looking at Nyle’s Instagram page. Believe me, his legs are foine. I mean fine. What I mean to say is, his legs work just fine.

Exhibit A:

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Gotta get them angles ?? ?: @tatephoto

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I guess Delta must have been alerted that Nyle has some form of disability (though I doubt he sees it that way) and made a wild assumption about his needs. Apparently, the employee quickly realized their mistake, and thankfully, Nyle was very nice about it. Here’s how Nyle was greeted:

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