‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman’s 14 Kids Know ‘Everything’ About Her X-Rated Past & Drug Abuse

Almost ten years after giving birth to octuplets, Nadya Suleman opened up in a rare interview about the dark moments in her past! See what she had to say — and why she told her kids ‘everything.’

The public may know all about Nadya Suleman‘s adult tape and her time in rehab — but so do her kids! The media covered “Octomom” for years after she miraculously gave birth to sextuplets, and she didn’t keep those bits of her past a secret from her brood. “We talk about everything,” Nadya told the New York Times in a new interview. “They know, they went through it with me. It’s a huge weight lifted off of all of them when I went back to who I was. We were struggling financially, but it was such a blessing to be able to be free from that. Those were chains.”

After Nadya welcomed eight children in 2009, on top of the six she already had, she went on to declare bankruptcy and release an adult film. It was her manager, a pornographic film star, who allegedly introduced her to that world. “I wanted to quit, but my manager said, ‘If you do, I’m reporting you to welfare for fraud,” Nadya said. “I gave my bank account to her to control because I was so overwhelmed and busy managing my family. Checks were forged — minimum $60,000 was stolen in six months. And she was selling stories left and right. She was a predator.”

This short-lived career in porn was followed by an addiction to alcohol and Xanax from 2011 to 2013. Nadya spent time in rehab, while her friends and family watched over her kids.

“I was pretending to be a fake, a caricature, which is something I’m not, and I was doing it out of desperation and scarcity so I could provide for my family,” the mother of fourteen admitted. “I’ve been hiding from the real world all my life.”

Now, though, Nadya and her kids seem to have found a new normal. The octuplets are now vegan fourth graders who do their chores and their homework before getting to bed by 8:30. They will celebrate their 10th birthday in January!

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