Perrie Edwards reveals ‘dark thoughts’ at rock bottom as anxiety threatened career

The blonde beauty first found fame in 2011 after Little Mix became the first group to ever win The X Factor.

In the years since, they’ve gained global success, and have become one of the most popular girl bands.

However, it seems Perrie’s career was almost jeopardised in the midst of her success, and she had to take some time out.

Revealing all in a candid chat, the 25-year-old opened up about her anxiety, after revealing it left her with “dark thoughts”.

“I thought my mum was going to have to send me somewhere because I was having these dark thoughts”

Perrie Edwards

Speaking to Glamour, Perrie revealed she feared being on her own, in case she had a panic attack.

Eventually, her anxiety got so bad she thought she would be “sent somewhere”.

She admitted: “At one point, I thought my mum was going to have to send me somewhere because I was having these dark thoughts.

“I was thinking differently to the way I [usually] would.”

Perrie admitted she started going to therapy, and has since started to feel a lot better – but credits her loved ones for their help.

She added: “If I didn’t have the other three girls to think about and the tour to prepare for and all the fans that want to see the show be the best it can be, I don’t think I would have come back to work.”

Perrie admitted her anxiety threatened her career, as she feared not being able to perform, tour, do interviews and meet fans due to her condition.

The babe initially revealed she suffered from anxiety and panic attacks last month in a candid Instagram post.

As she explained her feelings to her followers, she admitted she “felt so alone” when she first experienced a panic attack.

She was inundated with support for being so candid about anxiety, and fans have been praising her in her posts ever since.

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