Pregnant Halsey sees her baby's feet in adorable ultrasound shot

Halsey has shared the sweetest picture from her ultrasound, days after announcing her pregnancy.

The 26-year-old is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Alev Aydin, confirming the surprise news on Instagram with a shoot focused on her baby bump.

Now, the Without Me singer has welcomed her fans on her journey by posting a shot from her ultrasound.

In the picture, her baby’s left leg and both feet could be seen, and it’s enough to make you broody.

Halsey added footprint emojis and tagged her obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr Steve Rad at Cedars Sinai.

Dr Rad, who is a world renowned physician and has looked after stars including Chrissy Teigen.

He shared the ultrasound shot on his own Instagram and added: ‘The cutest little feet!! My team and I can’t wait to see baby again!! Congratulations @iamhalsey.’

After her appointment, it seems the pregnancy cravings had kicked in for Halsey, as she and Alev enjoyed a takeout meal from fast food restaurant Raising Cane’s, featuring fried chicken, fries, Texas toast and pots of the restaurant’s special sauce.

Ahead of her ultrasound, Halsey – real name Ashley Frangipane – showed off her scars from endometriosis surgery and credited the op with helping her conceive her ‘angel’.

Three years ago, Halsey had ‘multiple’ surgeries to treat her endometriosis – a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows in other places, like the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Sharing a picture from her hospital bed, she wrote on social media: ‘Today I braved multiple terrifying surgeries. The most important of which being the surgery that would hopefully treat my endometriosis. For those of you who have followed this battle of mine or who may suffer with it yourself, you know the extremes to which it can be mentally exhausting and physically painful.  

‘OK HONESTLY I’m in total agony right now (and I’m going to be in excruciating pain for a while cause I had quite the cocktail of procedures today). But in my recovery I am thinking of all of you and how you give me the strength and stamina to power through and prosper.  

‘If you suffer from chronic pain or a debilitating disease please know that I have found time to live a crazy, wild, rewarding life AND balance my treatment and I hope so much in my heart that you can too.’ 

In 2019, she revealed that a doctor told her the surgery had been so effective that she may not have to freeze her eggs, with Halsey telling Rolling Stone: ‘I was like, “Wait, what did you just say? Did you just say I can have kids?”

‘It was like the reverse of finding out you have a terminal illness. I called my mom, crying.’ 

As well as being unsure as to whether her endometriosis would stop her conceiving in the future, the Closer singer suffered multiple miscarriages in the past – one of which occurred on stage.  

Speaking on The Doctors, Halsey said: ‘I was on tour, and I found out I was pregnant. ‘Before I could really figure out what that meant to me and what that meant for my future… the next thing I knew I was on stage miscarrying in the middle of my concert.  

‘The sensation of looking a couple hundred teenagers in the face while you’re bleeding through your clothes and still having to do the show, and realising in that moment… I never want to make that choice ever again of doing what I love or not being able to because of this disease.’

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