Pregnant Molly-Mae’s £4m mansion suffers another huge leak: ‘If you don’t laugh you might cry’

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury's gorgeous £4m mansion has suffered another massive leak just a few months after the ceiling collapsed during renovations.

The one-time Love Island contestants are currently expecting their first child together, with Molly-Mae believed to be around six months pregnant.

On Tuesday, the star posted a video to her Instagram story that shows a steady trickle of water pouring from her kitchen ceiling.

“How’s your day going?” the 23 year old influencer quipped in the caption.

The water appears to be dripping from the light fixture with a small pool of water forming underneath.

In another Instagram story posted shortly after, Molly-Mae can be seen lounging at a vanity table.

“Have to laugh or you might cry x,” she wrote on top of the picture.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Molly-Mae and Tommy have experienced issues with their house.

After three years of searching, the couple found what they soon dubbed “MollyMaison”, a 5,000 square foot property in an affluent area of Cheshire. But disaster struck in April when leaking water caused the living room ceiling to collapse.

“You know what I said about teething issues… just a minor one today, ceiling’s coming down,” Molly told fans at the time.

In another post, she continued: “Honestly, I just heard a load of dripping noises, walked into our formal living room area and ceiling’s coming down.

“The roof is saturated, the ceiling of the living room is saturated, the carpet is saturated. So, that’s nice.”

The Pretty Little Thing creative director added: “To be fair, I think we’re only having a few issues because obviously we’re ripping rooms out, pipes are being knocked, water systems are being messed around with, so I’ll keep you updated.”

Fans can follow the house’s progress on Molly-Mae’s dedicated Instagram page, but the couple’s openness has posed a few issues in the past.

Back in September, Molly-Mae was forced to address the public and urged them not to turn up at her house for pictures.

"This is not me being mean, this is not me being horrible. This is not me wanting a headline that says, 'Molly-Mae won’t take pictures with fans'," she said in a YouTube video.

“But I’m just gonna say this once. If you know my address, if you know where I live, if you know where Tommy and I live, please do not come ringing the gate. Please.”


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